Good Riddance to Blair – the man who raised hopes only to dash them

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When Margaret Thatcher left Downing Street, I never thought that I would ever feel such loathing towards another person.

I rejoiced when I saw Michael Portillo and other overmighty Tories lose their seats in the landslide General Election of 1997.  I truly thought that Tony Blair’s government would usher in a new dawn.

How wrong I was, how unforgivably naïve, how ignorant of the dark arts of “news management” that enabled the likes of Tony Blair, Cherie Booth, Peter Mandelson, Alastair Campbell, Jo Moore, Charlie Falconer and others to gain, and then cling on to power for the last 10 years.

Of all the comments on the end to Blair’s miserable reign of incompetence, constitutional vandalism, treason, vainglory, character assassination, truth-burying and sheer barefaced corruption, I think Blood and Treasure got closest to expressing my feelings.

Therefore I repeat his views in full.So can I just say that the outgoing Prime Minister is a pious conman; a vile, wheedling dog; an authoritarian creep; a toady of the powerful and a menace to the powerless; a man of blood and an unindicted war criminal; a damp-handed, grinning psychopath; a receiver of rich men’s gifts; a pimp of morality; a breaker of nations and a wrecker of lives; a betrayer of friends and a disgrace to his party and nation; a canting knave; a lickspittle, a wankstain and a cuntbubble; a lying sack of shit who should be encased in concrete and hurled into the Marianas trench. He leaves a country divided – divided between those who wouldn’t piss on him if he was burning in the gutter and those who want to throw him in the gutter and set fire to him.

This lacks a certain nuance, but first rough drafts and all that.

I pray God that there is a special place in the unquenchable fire for such people.

Taking the war to the enemy in Iraq

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Javelin missile kills 4 enemy IED layers.Excellent piece (and video of Javelin launch) by Michael Yon
on how the British Army is taking the fight to the terrorists who spend their time laying IEDs (improvised explosive devices) around Basra to blow up our troops.

Hat-tip to EU Referendum.

But what we really need is a government that is prepared to take to fight to the islamists at home before the muslim enclaves in our cities become complete “no-go” zones for our police and security forces. Needless to say, all the “constitutional” political parties, Civil Service, police and local authorities are still too busy making ritual obeisance to the secular idols of multiculturalism and diversity for there to be a shadow of a chance of this happening.

Now, if only we could persuade to French to do an exchange – Sarkozy for Cameron – we might stand a chance.

How modern Liberals think – with the intellectual maturity of a five-year old

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Courtesy of YouTube, a brilliant talk given by Evan Sayet, a conservative American “Writer, Lecturer and Pundit”, on the flight from reason and the five-year old mentality of the modern “Liberal” with a Capital “L”.  Whatever your politics, I urge you to listen to it.

Looks like I shall have to get a copy of Alan Blum’s book The closing of the American mind.

The trouble for us in Britain is that this “Liberal” worldview, with all the intellectual rigour and moral understanding of the kindergarten, holds complete sway in every Institution and public body in the land. God help us all!

‘Inconvenient’ Serbs may impede the ‘peaceful’ islamification of Europe

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A recent posting on Samizdata points to an editorial in the Asia Times regarding the possible dangers of a Serbian/Russian backlash if the US/EU/UN policy of implementing independence for Kosovo. While, as the Samizdata post writer indicates, the sympathy of the editorial’s author (‘Spengler’) is clearly with the Serbs, the article is well worth reading. Therefore I make no apology for quoting extracts therefrom.

When the outcome of a tragedy is known in advance, it finds ways of occurring earlier than expected. In this case, the fate of 100,000 Serbian Christians who remain in Kosovo may pre-empt the debate over Europe’s eventual absorption into the Muslim world.

A new book on the Islamification of Europe appears almost weekly, adding to the efforts of Ben Wattenberg, Oriana Fallaci, Bat Ye’or, George Weigel, Mark Steyn, Philip Jenkins and a host of others. Scholars debate whether the decline and fall of Europe will occur by mid-century, or might be postponed until 2100. The inconvenient Serbs may force the issue on Europe a great deal sooner.

If Serbia and Russia draw a line in the sand over the independence of Kosovo, we may observe the second occasion in history when a Muslim advance on Europe halted on Serbian soil. The first occurred in 1456, three years after the fall of Constantinople, when Sultan Mehmed II was thrown back from the walls of Belgrade, “The White City”, by Hungarian and Serb defenders. The Siege of Belgrade “decided the fate of Christendom”, wrote the then Pope Calixtus III. Not for nothing did J R R Tolkien name his fictional stronghold of Minas Tirith “The White City”.


Sentiment is not the only issue. Russia, as I reported in Russia’s hudna with the Muslim world (Asia Times Online February 21, 2007) must face the prospect of Islamification far sooner than Western Europe.

There can be no doubt that Europe is resigned to gradual absorption into the umma. Father Richard John Neuhaus, the conservative Catholic writer, quotes an “influential French archbishop” saying, “We hope for [assimilation of Muslim immigrants], while we work at reducing immigration and prepare ourselves for soft Islamicization.” Western Europe is a beaten, deracinated rabble with no will to fight. [My emphasis] Russia is a different sort of beast. The Kosovo question for Russia is not a sentimental, but an existential matter.

No modern people have proven a greater inconvenience than the Serbs. They threw off two foreign yokes unaided – the Ottomans during the 19th century, and the Germans during the World War II. Out of pride and pig-headedness, Serbia refused to give up the Muslim-majority province of Bosnia to Austria, and the murder of the Austrian Crown Prince Ferdinand by extremists supported by Serbian intelligence sparked World War I.


If Washington does not modify its support for independence, the most likely outcome is a Russian veto of the Ahtisaari plan in the UN Security Council, followed, perhaps, by a unilateral declaration of independence by the Albanian Muslim majority in Kosovo. The aftermath could be quite messy, namely a small shooting war between Christians and Muslims on European soil. “Soft Islamification,” in the words of Father Neuhaus’ French archbishop, may turn out to be no option at all.

It would be foolish to try to guess the outcome. After all, no one expected the inconvenient Serbs to become the casus belli of 1914. No one wanted the war; the generation of leaders that guided Europe in 1914 had spent a whole generation avoiding a general European war. No-one, least of all Russia, wants an open conflict with Muslims. But there are limits to what the Orthodox Christian world will tolerate, and they may have been reached in Kosovo.

If the behaviour of late of certain British naval personnel is anything to go by, the term “a beaten, deracinated rabble with no will to fight” is an uncomfortably accurate description. It certainly applies to the political, media and administrative classes and throughout all civilian authorities in the “United” “Kingdom” (sic.).

A little light relief

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To divert attention from the recent national humiliation suffered by the 9th Euroregion of Lesser Britain at the hands of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a little light relief.

A pity that anyone under 30 with less than a degree in the physical sciences or engineering is unlikely to have a sufficient grasp of atomic theory to ‘get’ the joke. That or having been educated at an independent (fee-paying) secondary school. For more on the level to which Britain’s state ‘edukasyhun’ has sunk, see Frank Chalk’s eye-opener of a blog.

A major research institution has recently announced the discovery of the heaviest chemical yet known to science. This new element has been tentatively named “Governmentium.”

Governmentium has one neutron, 12 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy neutrons,and 224 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 312. These 312 particles are held together by forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons. Since Governmentium has no electrons, it is inert. However, it can be detected as it impedes every reaction with which it comes into contact.

A tiny amount of Governmentium causes one reaction to take over 4 days to complete when it would normally take less than a second. Governmentium has a normal half-life of 4 years; it does not decay but instead, it undergoes a reorganization in which a portion of the assistant neutrons and deputy neutrons exchange places. In fact, Governmentium’s mass will actually increase over time since each reorganization will cause more morons to become neutrons, forming isodopes.

This characteristic of moron-promotion leads some scientists to speculate that Governmentium is formed whenever morons reach a certain quantity in concentration. This hypocritical quantity is referred to as “Critical Morass.” You will know it when you see it. When catalyzed with money, Governmentium becomes Administratium, an element which radiates just as much energy since it has half as many peons but twice as many morons.

Hat-tip to:

Iran farce – the armchair warrior wades in

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I admit it. I am an armchair warrior. As a mere civilian who has never tried to tackle anyone or anything more dangerous than a drunken man attacking his equally drunk girlfriend (needless to say I got no thanks from the girl for interfering in a private argument), from the comfort of my home I presume to lecture those who have actually put themselves in harm’s way.

Nonetheless, I cannot but be appalled by the failure of what used to be Her Britannic Majesty’s Royal Navy to give a decent account of itself in the latest spat with Iran. Thankfully, the 15 sailors and Royal Marines have now been released unharmed. However, the naval commanders of our history (Drake, Nelson, Jellicoe, Cunningham to name but a few) must be spinning in their graves to see the parlous state to which our Navy has been reduced by successive Conservative and Labour governments. We now have virtually no carriers, no air defence for the fleet (AMRAAM capable Sea Harriers with beyond visual range radar decommissioned in favour of RAF GR7s with only AIM-7 Sidewinders for self-defence), and nearly half of all 43 (!!!) hulls mothballed. To make matters worse, Gordon Broon and the Treasury seem to have their beady little eyes on the money supposedly promised for two proper carriers.

We’ve been this way before with Labour (and Conservatives to be fair – vide John Nott’s defence cuts in 1980 prior to the Falklands war). Those old enough to remember Denis (now Lord) Healey’s tenure as Secretary of State for Defence (?) from 1964-1970 will recall his infamous decisions to cancel both the land-based TSR-2 strike aircraft and the Royal Navy’s proposed new carrier CVA-01. Had he had his way, the Harrier prototype would have been cancelled, too. That it was not was due mainly to political considerations, not sound analysis of our defence needs.

The near-disastrous consequences of the decisions of these two Defence Secretaries (Healey and Nott) was pointedly put by the Liberal Democrat MP and Liberal Shadow Defence Secretary Paul Keetch during the Commons debate of 17 July 2002 on defence procurement:

“The Minister is a great student of history and will know that he is not the first Minister for the Armed Forces to say in the House that, effectively, we will never go to war by ourselves. Denis Healey said that in defence of the cancellation of CVA1; Sir John Nott said so in the 1980 defence review when he was planning to sell off HMS Invincible, which gave the wrong signal to the Argentines and led to the Falklands war, to which the Minister referred. If the Minister is saying that Britain will never need an air defence capability for the fleet again, why will the JSF have such an element? He cannot have it both ways. We either need an air defence capability—in which case it should be continued—or we do not.”

From the recent behaviour of our political masters and the chain of command it would seem Britain no longer needs a Navy worthy of the name, let alone one with an organic air defence capability. No wonder some Royal Navy personnel are seeking transfers to the Royal Australian Navy. At least their Navy is growing in size.

[Edited 21:09 on 8 April 2007 to correct spelling of Healy to Healey.]

Frederick Forsyth on Britishness and the brazen hypocrisy of the Left-Liberal Establishment

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At the risk of being sued for breach of copyright, I am retyping an article by Frederick Forsyth in the Daily Express of Friday, 2 February 2007 in its entirety.

He manages to put in to words his and my outrage at the brazen hypocrisy and sheer effrontery of the Left-Liberal Establishment in presuming to tell us what it is to be British. That, after spending the last 30+ years trying to erase all memory of what it means, and denying a sense of ethnic, cultural and national identity to an entire generation of children.

What do [the] Left know about Britishness?

After a minimum of 30 years of denigrating absolutely everything British, the hierarchs of the Labour Party presume to lecture us on the concept of Britishness.

After at least two decades of teaching our children we are denizens of a rotten and cruel society, the educational establishment tells us we must now start teaching British history…but only the bits about slavery and child labour.

After 15 years of selling our old homeland down the river to the EU Commission in Brussels (and at the top seemingly still happy to do so), the senior Conservatives inform us that we should really be proud to be British. Who the hell the they think we are? Who the hell do they think they are?

So let me be plain. I will take lessons in Britishness and pride on Britain from several categories of people. I will take it from giants of our time such as Margaret Thatcher, who stood up and frought for us before being betrayed by midgets.

I will take it from men and women who have worn the uniform and gone into harm’s way for Blighty and carry scars and medals to prove it. I will take it from Corporal Johnson Beharry, who comes from the island of Grenada and now wears a Vitcoria Cross on his chest after frightening courage in Basra.

But I will not take it from myrmidons of the Left who spent the Cold War sneering at Britain and siding with Moscow and now, conveniently converted, are elevated to peerage and Cabinet and call themselves Right Honourable Gentlemen. They were never right, never honourable and never gentlemen.

I will not take it from luminaries of the teaching establishment whose deliberate and cynical use of our young generation over 30 years as a vehicle for their own social engineering has turned out millions who are semi-literate, semi-numerate and hardly articulate.

And I will not take it from over-privileged new arrivals who have never been anywhere, done anything, seen anything, fought anything, risked anything, amassed anything or contributed anything.

At which point you might well be teling the toast and marmalade: all right, calm down Fred. What’s your definition of Britishness? Fair point; so I’ll tell you. It is about cleaving with steadfastness to The Seven Pillars of Britishness. These are:

  • Country… love of
  • Constitution… respect for
  • Parliamentary democracy… commitment to
  • Sovereignty… defence of
  • Freedom under law… retention of
  • Crown… loyalty to
  • Pound and flag… non-negotiability of

I reckon New labour can agree with none of the seven and the New Tories with maybe two. Thank God I never claim to be fashionable.

Will any of these pillars ever come back, save in [the] discracefully treated armed services? Maybe.

If you have an encyclopaedia, re-read the year of 1381. It was the year of the Peasants’ Revolt. There may be another one coming. That could be why the charlatans in London have started to wrap themselves in the Union flag, the piece of cloth they rate as inferior to the blue flag of Brussels.

The only thing I feel able to add to this is Doctor Johnson’s comment on false patriotism:

“Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

Never have these words been more apposite than to be applied to the traitors, knaves and fools (in the Biblical sense) who inhabit Westminster, and the upper reaches of Whitehall, Local Government, the Police and all Public Services, with the honourable exception of Her Britannic Majesty’s Armed Forces.

The Profiteer’s Song

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I found a deliciously vicious but apposite take on The Engineer’s Song on the comments to one post on Guido Fawkes’ blog a propos the continuing loans for peerage scandal. Congratulations to Nick Drew for making his point so well, and for managing to do so without the Anglo-Saxon vocabulary I recall in the original song from my undergraduate days as an engineering student.

nick drew said…

All jump into the big bath together, champagne in hand, and sing lustily…

The Profiteer’s Song

A profiteer told me before he died ahum, ahum
A profiteer told me before he died
And I’ve no reason to believe he lied ahum

He knew a Party with debt so vast ahum
He knew a Party with debt so vast
They needed cash, and they needed it fast ahum

So they hatched a nice little deal ahum
So they hatched a nice little deal
A seat in the Lords for just one mill ahum

“City Academy? Step right in!” ahum
“City Academy? Step right in!”
And the whole bloody issue was covered in spin ahum

In went the skulking profiteers ahum
In went the skulking profiteers
Out came the newly-minted peers ahum

The House of Lords they filled with jerks ahum
The House of Lords they filled with jerks
And M*****l L**y ran the works ahum

Up and up went the level of sleaze ahum
Up and up went the level of sleaze
On and on came the flow of fees ahum

Then at last the nation cried ahum
Then at last the nation cried
“Enough, enough, we’re horrified!” ahum

So they ordered PC Yates ahum
So they ordered PC Yates
To round up all the reprobates ahum

Spin poured forth from Downing Street ahum
Spin poured forth from Downing Street
“A joke’s a joke – get back to your beat” ahum

Now we come to the magic bit ahum
Now we come to the magic bit
There is no way of stopping it! ahum

Yates ploughs on with his campaign ahum
Yates ploughs on with his campaign
And the whole bloody nation buys champagne ahum

12:27 PM

The Enemy Within Our Gates

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The content of Channel 4’s Dispatches programme
Undercover Mosque has already been widely publicised and discussed in the blogosphere.

However, can I please urge you to view the broadcast in its entirety. It is absolutely vital for every British non-Muslim to educate themselves as to the virulent nature of the preaching that is being tolerated by our spineless political and media elite.

If nothing else, it is an object lesson in the practice of taqiyya, namely lying to infidels, or should I say kuffars.

Are Eurabia’s multiculti dhimmi worms beginning to turn?

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Newsflash from al-BBC Friday, 17 November 2006, 15:35 GMT:

Netherlands to propose burqa ban

The Dutch cabinet has backed a proposal by the country’s immigration minister to ban Muslim women from wearing the burqa in public places.
The burqa, a full body covering that also obscures the face, would be banned by law in the street, and in trains, schools, buses and the law courts.

The cabinet said burqas disturb public order, citizens and safety.

Immigration minister Rita Verdonk is known for her tough policies, and has clashed with past coalition partners.”

Hallelujah! At last one European Government is displaying the faintest smidgen of a backbone! Let us pray that this will not be an isolated incident, but the beginning of a trend.