Frederick Forsyth on Britishness and the brazen hypocrisy of the Left-Liberal Establishment

At the risk of being sued for breach of copyright, I am retyping an article by Frederick Forsyth in the Daily Express of Friday, 2 February 2007 in its entirety.

He manages to put in to words his and my outrage at the brazen hypocrisy and sheer effrontery of the Left-Liberal Establishment in presuming to tell us what it is to be British. That, after spending the last 30+ years trying to erase all memory of what it means, and denying a sense of ethnic, cultural and national identity to an entire generation of children.

What do [the] Left know about Britishness?

After a minimum of 30 years of denigrating absolutely everything British, the hierarchs of the Labour Party presume to lecture us on the concept of Britishness.

After at least two decades of teaching our children we are denizens of a rotten and cruel society, the educational establishment tells us we must now start teaching British history…but only the bits about slavery and child labour.

After 15 years of selling our old homeland down the river to the EU Commission in Brussels (and at the top seemingly still happy to do so), the senior Conservatives inform us that we should really be proud to be British. Who the hell the they think we are? Who the hell do they think they are?

So let me be plain. I will take lessons in Britishness and pride on Britain from several categories of people. I will take it from giants of our time such as Margaret Thatcher, who stood up and frought for us before being betrayed by midgets.

I will take it from men and women who have worn the uniform and gone into harm’s way for Blighty and carry scars and medals to prove it. I will take it from Corporal Johnson Beharry, who comes from the island of Grenada and now wears a Vitcoria Cross on his chest after frightening courage in Basra.

But I will not take it from myrmidons of the Left who spent the Cold War sneering at Britain and siding with Moscow and now, conveniently converted, are elevated to peerage and Cabinet and call themselves Right Honourable Gentlemen. They were never right, never honourable and never gentlemen.

I will not take it from luminaries of the teaching establishment whose deliberate and cynical use of our young generation over 30 years as a vehicle for their own social engineering has turned out millions who are semi-literate, semi-numerate and hardly articulate.

And I will not take it from over-privileged new arrivals who have never been anywhere, done anything, seen anything, fought anything, risked anything, amassed anything or contributed anything.

At which point you might well be teling the toast and marmalade: all right, calm down Fred. What’s your definition of Britishness? Fair point; so I’ll tell you. It is about cleaving with steadfastness to The Seven Pillars of Britishness. These are:

  • Country… love of
  • Constitution… respect for
  • Parliamentary democracy… commitment to
  • Sovereignty… defence of
  • Freedom under law… retention of
  • Crown… loyalty to
  • Pound and flag… non-negotiability of

I reckon New labour can agree with none of the seven and the New Tories with maybe two. Thank God I never claim to be fashionable.

Will any of these pillars ever come back, save in [the] discracefully treated armed services? Maybe.

If you have an encyclopaedia, re-read the year of 1381. It was the year of the Peasants’ Revolt. There may be another one coming. That could be why the charlatans in London have started to wrap themselves in the Union flag, the piece of cloth they rate as inferior to the blue flag of Brussels.

The only thing I feel able to add to this is Doctor Johnson’s comment on false patriotism:

“Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

Never have these words been more apposite than to be applied to the traitors, knaves and fools (in the Biblical sense) who inhabit Westminster, and the upper reaches of Whitehall, Local Government, the Police and all Public Services, with the honourable exception of Her Britannic Majesty’s Armed Forces.

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