Good Riddance to Blair – the man who raised hopes only to dash them


When Margaret Thatcher left Downing Street, I never thought that I would ever feel such loathing towards another person.

I rejoiced when I saw Michael Portillo and other overmighty Tories lose their seats in the landslide General Election of 1997.  I truly thought that Tony Blair’s government would usher in a new dawn.

How wrong I was, how unforgivably naïve, how ignorant of the dark arts of “news management” that enabled the likes of Tony Blair, Cherie Booth, Peter Mandelson, Alastair Campbell, Jo Moore, Charlie Falconer and others to gain, and then cling on to power for the last 10 years.

Of all the comments on the end to Blair’s miserable reign of incompetence, constitutional vandalism, treason, vainglory, character assassination, truth-burying and sheer barefaced corruption, I think Blood and Treasure got closest to expressing my feelings.

Therefore I repeat his views in full.So can I just say that the outgoing Prime Minister is a pious conman; a vile, wheedling dog; an authoritarian creep; a toady of the powerful and a menace to the powerless; a man of blood and an unindicted war criminal; a damp-handed, grinning psychopath; a receiver of rich men’s gifts; a pimp of morality; a breaker of nations and a wrecker of lives; a betrayer of friends and a disgrace to his party and nation; a canting knave; a lickspittle, a wankstain and a cuntbubble; a lying sack of shit who should be encased in concrete and hurled into the Marianas trench. He leaves a country divided – divided between those who wouldn’t piss on him if he was burning in the gutter and those who want to throw him in the gutter and set fire to him.

This lacks a certain nuance, but first rough drafts and all that.

I pray God that there is a special place in the unquenchable fire for such people.

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