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Taking the war to the enemy in Iraq

Monday, 7 May 2007

Javelin missile kills 4 enemy IED layers.Excellent piece (and video of Javelin launch) by Michael Yon
on how the British Army is taking the fight to the terrorists who spend their time laying IEDs (improvised explosive devices) around Basra to blow up our troops.

Hat-tip to EU Referendum.

But what we really need is a government that is prepared to take to fight to the islamists at home before the muslim enclaves in our cities become complete “no-go” zones for our police and security forces. Needless to say, all the “constitutional” political parties, Civil Service, police and local authorities are still too busy making ritual obeisance to the secular idols of multiculturalism and diversity for there to be a shadow of a chance of this happening.

Now, if only we could persuade to French to do an exchange – Sarkozy for Cameron – we might stand a chance.